Thursday, March 27, 2014

Future trips to Italy - ITALIAN WORKSHOP

Have you got intention to travel to Italy and want to learn Italian? You have purchased tickets for a group tour to some of the most beautiful cities or regions of Italy or are you visiting relatives, but you can't speak the language.......what purpose will that map with all the historic sites, churches, and art museums serve if you can't ask a question in Italian, decipher an Italian menu, or use the phone in Italy?

It's not enough to pack your bags and watch Italian movies before you arrive in Italy. Whether you're going to visit the world-famous cities of Florence, Rome, and Venice, or on a pleasure holiday on the Amalfi Coast or the beautiful Sicily, there are a multitude of ways to improve your Italian skills before your trip.

Learn the basics with an Italian workshop of three hours. You will be introduced to the most important phrases and sentences that you will use when travelling. This workshop will give you the confidence to ask your way around; book your accommodation and transport; ask for directions; understand menus in restaurants; and greet people and make friends. 

The workshop is specifically designated for people who need a quick introduction to the language, in order to get around when visiting Italy. 

Course cost: $100 (including materials) - 

For any enquiry you can contact Simona HERE 


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