Something about me....

I am an art lover, passionate about culture, good food and languages.  I come from Rome, an amazing city...full of art and history!!! and from a wonderful family, who love food and company.....I like to visit places...especially when I go to present public lectures or I participate to a conference...and obviously when I am on holiday...

I am currently carrying out research on Italian artworks in Australian collections, so I moved to Brisbane with all my family after many years spent in New Zealand. 

I have completed my BA with Honours in Heritage Conservation Studies at the University of Tuscia, Italy, and then I worked as a curator for several galleries in Rome while carrying out research for my Master in Art History at the University of Auckland. 

In New Zealand I have lectured courses in art history  at the Continuing Education Department of the University of Auckland and Italian language courses at the University of Technology (AUT). Also I have worked as Senior Curator/Manager of  The James Wallace Arts Trust, where I have been involved in managing the Trust, organizing many exhibitions and the annual Wallace Art Awards. During that time I have also been one of the panel judges for Metonyny - Forging New Creative Connections

I have presented several public lectures on Italian topics in galleries and universities in New Zealand and Australia, including the National Gallery of Victoria, the Dante Alighieri Society of Brisbane and the Queensland Art Gallery. 

I regularly participate to conference and international meeting where I present papers on Italian art and culture. 

Here in Brisbane I have worked as freelancer since  my move promoting art and culture with events and classes and art tours. I coordinate the New Farm Community Education program, where I teach Italian language to kids and adults, plus art history and culture courses. I also teach as a private tutor, at the university and to friends. I provide introductory courses on Italian art or beautiful Italian sites, such as Bella Italia and I love you Italia. 

Between May and June 2010 I have been involved in the Italian Week 2010 with an exhibition, an Italian Workshop and a public lecture at the Queensland Art Gallery/GoMA. Prior I have presented lectures at the Dante Alighieri Society including one on Caravaggio in late April 2010 to celebrate the fourth centenary of his death.  

I am always available to collaborate with you to events, exhibitions and lectures. 

I can teach you Italian privately or at school....just get in touch:
041 42 62 782

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